Tuesday, June 15, 2010

An Open Letter to John Galt

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September 2, 2012
To: Mr. John Galt
Twentieth Century Motor Company
201 W. Front Street
Starnesville, Wisconsin 53177

Dear Mister Galt,

It has come to my attention via newspaper reports that you have recently performed the first test of a remarkable motor, which promises to revolutionize our energy sector. As it has been explained to me, you've succeeded in overcoming a challenge in theoretical physics that has heretofore seemed insurmountable. I'm told you've produced, as a commercial device, a motor capable of drawing power from static electricity in the air. Congratulations on your achievement. I cannot overstate the importance of this invention to the future of the nation. It is of the future that I wish to speak.

As you know, British Petroleum's accident in the Gulf of Mexico two years ago has wreaked enormous havoc. The resultant oil spill has been used as a pretense by our President to shut down all deep water drilling platforms. Though this situation was to be a "temporary moratorium", it has become open ended. Oil continues to blacken American beaches, and so the pretext remains for keeping our wells inert. The recent revelations about President Obama's financial relationship (Through Mr. Soros) to Brazilian Oil Company Petrobras does not seem to be making much difference politically, and the loss of the drilling platforms to Hugo Chavez' Citgo will likely make reconstituting America's drilling impossible even as it strengthens the People's State of Venezuela.

Those damages pale, however, compared to the adoption of the Kerry-Lieberman American Power Act (APA) of 2010. Otherwise known as the "Cap and Trade" plan, this act promulgated by the administration (and supported by the National Resources Defense Council, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Center for American Progress etc), has truly crippled our nation. In 2011 alone, energy bills have necessarily skyrocketed as congress has mandated emissions limits on all producers of electricity. 

The intent of the APA legislation was originally to address "Global Warming" but, once that became a less viable cover story, it was pitched to America as a way to transition from "suicidal grey capitalism" to a "green economy". High energy rates, we have been told, are a "necessary sacrifice" in order to provide an "incentive structure to innovation"-- i.e. in order to force the market to innovate technologically if human life is to continue. A man will spend $10 a gallon (equivalent) to move his car by solar originated electricity if the only alternative is $20 a gallon gasoline. 

Now we are on the verge of collapse, our factories are silent. Our air may be clean but our children are starving. Our jobless crowd the streets, standing in line for Federal largesse. Our borders are threatened by the oil-dictatorships that have grown fat on our folly. The lights are going out on this, the last vestige of Western civilization. The only thing that can save us is your engine, so I'm making this urgent request of you:

Dismantle it. 

I beg you: take a sledgehammer to every coil of that motor, bend its rotors, crush its cylinder, mangle it beyond reconstruction. Take every paper that contains the secret of your discovery and burn it. Swear your co-workers to secrecy, destroy your achievement, and walk away. Please, for the sake of your own love for existence and in the name of justice: Dismantle it.

And leave us to rot.

I know this may seem like a bizarre request, but America is starting to learn, you see. It is learning the connection between the actions of its leaders and economic destruction. They are beginning to hear a death rattle in the call for "shared sacrifice". The masks are coming off. They are seeing the corruption, the obfuscation, the hatred of achievement, of ability, of success. Americans are starting to understand that their leaders are not rescuing them from disaster, but deliberately leading them to it. They are starting to rediscover the ideals of individualism, reason, constitutional government, rights and reality. They are starting to grow up, as thinkers and citizens. They will reach a tipping point soon, and make a final choice.

There is only one person that can stop the country from finally rejecting the Marxist/Fascist political philosophy that has brought sacrificial ovens and economic destruction to every continent upon which it has been tried. There's only one person that can rescue and vindicate the plans of President Obama and his minions: You. 

YOU can save them. By bringing your motor to market. By flooding the world with cheap clean electricity. "See?", President Obama will say, "I told you I knew best." Even as he mops his brow with relief over his unexpected reprieve. You will buy them a decade, or a year, or a week, in which to further enslave and confuse us.

Yes, Mr. Galt, your motor could save the world from collapse. But the world does not deserve saving. Not as it is.  Let us rot. Until we learn our folly. Until we learn to say "no". Until we rediscover liberty. May that day come quickly. 

With gratitude for your achievement,

Mrs. Frank O'Connor
10000 Tampa Avenue
Chatsworth, CA 91311

PS-- I hear Ouray is lovely this time of year.

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  1. From your pen to Mr Galt's ears. And all of the people like John Galt out there. The time is approaching when we will just have to let it all go. May that time be mercifully soon, and may the learning begin again.

  2. Well done as usual Richard.

  3. Wow this is excellent - I saw this posted by a friend on Facebook. From a fellow blogger - keep it coming.

  4. Excellent! Thank you.

  5. Exceptionally articulated. Thank you.

  6. Isn't part of your philosophy is that mistakes not be rewarded?

  7. Pretentious nonsense.

  8. 4:25PM, as self-referencing comments go, that's a pretty good one, but it's been done before.

    Interesting idea for a post, Richard. There's no way to know how many Galts have already withdrawn.

  9. Who is John Galt? There are many. They closed the book and returned to the world, realizing who they were for the first time! It is too soon for each to wreck his particular motor, but it is time to wreck the legislative tools of those who claim it's power by need.